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İNDES  Engineering is an SME with extensive experience in the defence and aerospace sector, and with vertical design expertise in the mechanical and electromechanical fields. With its entrepreneurial spirit and multidisciplinary engineering works, it has been serving as a solution partner of such institutions and organisations as ASELSAN, Roketsan, TÜBİTAK, Turkish Aerospace and Enerjisa, who are among the leading brands in the Turkish defence and aerospace sector. Providing turnkey services to these institutions and organisations in the fields of design, manufacturing and assembly/integration, İNDES Engineering attaches great importance to product development, in accordance with the industrialisation policies of the Presidency of Defence Industries, and continues its works in this direction. The company’s productization  strategy involves the development of products with high added value, and the expansion and deepening of its capabilities, indigenous products and projects through new collaborations.

Through the R&D activities it has carried out with its own resources, İNDES Engineering has developed three product families in such areas as life support systems, and security systems, in accordance to end-user needs, and has signed a cooperation agreement with ASELSAN covering these product families. This cooperation brings engineering, high-technology product development and quality management capabilities of ASELSAN, among its brand-value, and product development, manufacturing and sales capabilities of İNDES. ASELSAN and İNDES aim to co-develop, produce and sale the products and systems that satisfy aforementioned needs, utilizing indigenous capabilities.

İNDES Engineering, which is actively involved in the domestic market through its documented ability to deliver products of the desired quality and at the desired time, and which has recently turned its focus toward the export market, is one of the few members of DEİK (Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey) from the defence and aerospace sector. Having accelerated its works with local integrators in Africa – and specifically Algeria, Mali and Senegal – in addition to those in Qatar and Pakistan, İNDES Engineering aims to achieve significant success in these in the near future.

While its products are the key to İNDES Engineering’s growth, the driving force will always be its mechanical and design capabilities.

Institutions and organisations such as ASELSAN, Roketsan, TÜBİTAK and Turkish Aerospace – considered to be the leading names in the Turkish defence and aerospace sector – require specific systems and subsystems, test equipment, special-purpose machines and software in their projects that involve mechanical and electromechanical disciplines. In cases where the requested products are not within the fields of activity of the relevant companies, such requirements are met by engineering companies with qualified design and production capabilities. Recognising this need, we have taken the initiative to develop ourselves as a contractor that accommodates the disciplines of mechanical and electrical-electronic engineering, and that can respond to the demands of prime contractor companies with products of the desired quality and within in an appropriate timeframe. To achieve our goals, we work closely with our customers in all our processes, carrying out our engineering design and analysis activities in accordance with their requirements.

Since our establishment, we have completed almost 80 small and large projects working together with prime contractors. In addition to these, we have also realised some 15 R&D projects, some of which were completed at the OSTİM branch of the Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ) Teknokent. We are currently conducting R&D projects in four different areas at our OSTİM Teknokent facility, applying the experience we gained during the development of energy generation and storage systems to various applications required by the defence and aerospace sector, and developing innovative products. In most cases, we integrate camera systems, radar systems and/or weapon systems into our solutions, powering these systems through stored energy.

İNDES Engineering is emerging as a game changer, and is taking bold and confident steps towards its goals. We have signed a cooperation agreement with ASELSAN for the three different product families we have developed. In line with the mission that is outlined in our motto, we have established our strategy on productization. Our priority is to develop solutions for our country, and our goal for the coming period is to export these solutions abroad, with a view to contributing to the overall exports of our country. As Turkey progresses in the development of indigenous main systems and platforms, the need for SMEs such as İNDES Engineering, who can develop subsystems as products, increases, and we continue our activities based on this vision.


İNDES Engineering was established in 2014 by a team with experience in the defence and aerospace sector. Between 2014 and 2017, while providing design and engineering services to prime contractor institutions and organisations such as ASELSAN, TÜBİTAK, Enerjisa, Roketsan and Turkish Aerospace, the company was also funding its own R&D projects in the areas in which it identified gaps in the market. The first product to emerge from this process was the İNDES Engineering-patented Snow Melting and Snow Water Acquisition Device, which was selected as one of the most successful products in TechAnkara Project Market organised by the Ankara Development Agency.

The system in question has already been deployed at border posts, bases, critical facilities and at cross-border deployments. Throughout the service history of these systems, the İNDES Engineering team has been active in the field as part of its installation and maintenance activities, and has had the opportunity to observe other needs first hand in the field. Upon identifying a need for surveillance and security systems that can be used in the field, as well as energy production and storage systems, İNDES Engineering came up with suggested solutions in periods well below the sector average. In 2019, the company signed a cooperation agreement with ASELSAN covering the products in its three product families, which are already serving successfully in the field. Meanwhile, the company’s efforts to contribute to the country’s export figures are continuing.

Through its pioneering human resources policies, İNDES Engineering has become a company that employs a dynamic team of 20 young experts; that has a per capita turnover above the sector average; that has tripled its turnover since its establishment; that has gained indirect export successes through its involvement in prime contractor systems; that has an order book that guarantees work for the coming year; that can work on around 10–12 projects at any one time; that adds new products to its product family every year; and that devotes approximately 5 percent of its turnover to self-financed R&D works.

Our Team

İNDES Engineering employs R&D and design teams that work together in all aspects of a project, discussing each factor in detail. Multidisciplinary studies are carried out to develop different perspectives following an advanced analysis method, and are supported by interdisciplinary teamwork. All developed systems are presented as the product of successful teamwork. All studies are carried out in cooperation with academicians in universities to ensure technical depth/sustainability.

İNDES Engineering implements a human resources approach that is unique in the defence and aerospace sector. We strive to keep the motivation of our employees at the highest level. In addition to the regular domestic events, we also organise international events when necessary, with the aim of bringing together our employees. The goal of such distinct human resources policies is to ensure our access to qualified and sustainable human resources.

The İNDES Engineering team is comprised of experts with confidence in their abilities who can shoulder the responsibility of the job. Every employee takes part in all of the processes related to the project on which they are working. In this way, the employee gains experience in the most competent way, while the project can be completed to the desired quality, within the pre-defined budget and in the requested timeframe.

Sustainability is always among the highest priorities at İNDES Engineering. The experiences gained during the project implementation and product development phases are documented and recorded to create a corporate memory.


Soon after its establishment, İNDES Engineering launched activities at its ODTÜ Teknokent facility in OSTİM, where 90 square meters is set aside for the engineering office and 40 square meters for the prototype workshop. To accommodate the growing team and the increase in project volume, these departments were moved to the OSTİM Technopark in 2019. The facility in OSTİM Technopark has the following features:

  • Indoor Area Totalling 700 Square Meters
  • Architecture and Hardware Suitable for Prototype and Serial Production
  • Contemporary Interior Design for the Young and Innovative Team
  • Architecture and Equipment Suited to National and NATO Facility Security Infrastructure
  • R&D and Engineering Offices
  • ESD-Protected Electromechanical Assembly and Integration Laboratory
  • Prototype Workshop for Mechanical Manufacturing

In addition, assembly, integration and testing activities for large-sized products are carried out in a facility with a 2,000 square meter-indoor area located in Ankara 1st Organised Industrial Zone.

Engineering Infrastructure

İNDES Engineering has all the necessary hardware and software to meet different project needs, and pays attention to every detail in order to maintain its reputation as a reliable company. All of the software in its engineering infrastructure library are licensed products of the leading companies in the sector. The company keeps this infrastructure up-to-date, taking into account the current requirements of its users as well as any demands they may bring to the agenda in the future.

Quality Policy

İNDES Engineering continues its activities with full awareness of the importance of providing reliable services in the field, and shapes its understanding of quality in line with this knowledge. A significant proportion of the products it delivers aim to solve the challenges faced by Turkish soldiers and security forces in the field; thus contributing to the improvement of personnel safety and living standards.

İNDES Engineering does not deliver any system to its users without first making sure that it will perform its duties in the field in the best and most reliable way, exposing all of its products to full physical and functional testing.

The quality department of İNDES Engineering applies the most up-to-date approaches in the defence and aerospace sector, being engaged in each phase of every project to ensure that no point is missed.

Highlights of İNDES Engineering’s Quality Policy

  • Developing innovative products and solutions in the defence and aerospace sector, drawing upon the experience of its staff, high-quality equipment and advanced technologies.
  • Fulfilling the requirements of legislation, current standards, the İNDES Quality Management System and its customers.
  • Supporting the development of its employees and solution partners and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Constantly improving its processes based on measurement.



Organisational Structure

İNDES Engineering employs R&D and design teams that work together in all aspects of a project, discussing each factor in detail. All studies are carried out in cooperation with academicians in universities to ensure technical depth/sustainability.