Meet MOBKAR, the first and only product developed to meet the water and sanitation needs of the civilian population residing in isolated bases and military bases that are remote from water resources and where logistic support is limited ...

Water Production

Water production begins with the removal foreign matter such as soil, stone, etc., from the snow which is fed into the unit without any sorting. The water obtained by the rapid melting system is passed through a number of filters and is available for use in areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms due to the structure that can be shaped according to the needs.


MOBKAR, which is designed to be operated and portable in difficult terrain conditions, does not require any special installation and provides logistics convenience with water production up to 250 liters per hour. It is easy to use and maintenance is easy thanks to the control panel that the user can easily access and observe possible errors.


  • Produces up to 250 liters of water per hour.
  • Can be shaped according to the need. (Bathroom, Kitchen, Laundry, etc.)
  • No special installation required.
  • It is compact and portable.
  • Provides logistics convenience.
  • Maintenance is easy.
  • It is user friendly.