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Close to 200 Products Seeing Active Use in the Field: Our Product Partnership Agreement with ASELSAN UGES Sector Presidency Completes its Successful First Year

Our product partnership with the ASELSAN Transportation, Security, Energy, Automation and Medical Systems (UGES) Sector Presidency has completed its first year, during which we have delivered nearly 200 products to end users that are now seeing active use in the field under various geographical conditions. The successful results recorded by the cooperation will keep it moving forward in a sustainable manner.

The cooperation agreement that launched the product partnership was signed on 10 January, 2020, and concerned three product families that have been developed to satisfy life support system and security system needs. ASELSAN’s brand value and engineering, its high-tech product development and its quality management capabilities have been brought together with the development, production and sales capabilities of İNDES Engineering to cooperate in satisfying emerging needs with products and systems developed, produced and sold jointly and indigenously.

Melih Özkan, Founder and Chairman of the Board of İNDES Engineering, speaking about the example this cooperation sets for the sector, states: “ASELSAN and İNDES Engineering, working in cooperation, can offer effective solutions to the end user. Seeing how far we have come over the past year makes us proud and excited for the future. I would like once again to give my thanks to the executives and employees of ASELSAN with whom we have worked, and who we now see as part of our team.”