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Design of Mechanical and Electromechanical Units, Systems and Special Purpose Test Systems

Institutions and organisations such as ASELSAN, Roketsan, TÜBİTAK, Turkish Aerospace and Enerjisa, which are among the prime contractors of the Turkish defence and aerospace sector, often require systems and subsystems, test equipment, special-purpose machines and software that involve mechanical and electromechanical disciplines. İNDES Engineering has the ability to design and manufacture systems that meet the needs of these prime contractor companies that have no “off-the-shelf” options, and that involve requirements of different qualities. Each of these products has different functions.

İNDES Engineering has made a mark on the sector with its highly reliable and cost-effective solutions in this field, as well as with its high responsiveness to the different demands of its customers, and has successfully delivered nearly 80 small- and large-scale projects since its establishment.

Modular and Mobile Hybrid Energy Generation and Storage Systems

İNDES Engineering has the ability to design and produce modular and mobile hybrid power generation and storage systems that operate in an uninterrupted and reliable manner. It is vital that such systems, when deployed in civil and military applications in locations where logistics support is limited, where transportation is difficult and where power outages are common, operate smoothly and ensure ease of use.

All of the systems delivered by İNDES Engineering since 2017 are still in operation, with no reported failures. To date, the company has delivered nearly 50 systems of three different types.

Flight Line Transport/Loading and Ground Support Equipment

The ability of an aircraft, helicopter or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to be mission ready depends on the equipment used by the technicians, as well as on their personal experience. İNDES Engineering comes into play here, ensuring the smooth installation and integration of payloads onto air platforms by designing systems with mechanisms offering 4- or 5-axis movement.

İNDES Engineering is capable of designing and manufacturing the equipment necessary for the mounting of payloads such as imaging units, missiles, bombs, ammunition, targeting pods, navigation pods and training pods aboard aircraft, helicopters and UAVs. Since its establishment, it has designed and delivered eight such items of equipment that are still in operation in the field, with marked success.

Heating/Cooling Units and Air-Conditioning Systems

İNDES Engineering has the ability to design and produce special-purpose, high-efficient heating and cooling units and air conditioning systems that have low energy requirements for its users. It owns the patent for a thermal system that was developed to meet a requirement of soldiers and security forces in 2017.

The thermal system enables the mentioned systems to operate with high efficiency and low energy consumption, thanks to the ability of the İNDES-developed flow control units to analyse different system parameters instantly.

Devices and Fixtures for Manufacturing, Testing and Validation

İNDES Engineering has the ability to design and produce the testing fixtures used in the design, verification and performance tests of production apparatuses, as well as in the military units required in the defence and aerospace sector under various environmental conditions. Since its establishment, it has delivered many products of different quality. As its products have gained a reputation for efficiency and reliability, the company has been able to sign periodic agreements with several prime contractor companies.