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Our Team

İNDES Engineering employs R&D and design teams that work together in all aspects of a project, discussing each factor in detail. Multidisciplinary studies are carried out to develop different perspectives following an advanced analysis method, and are supported by interdisciplinary teamwork. All developed systems are presented as the product of successful teamwork. All studies are carried out in cooperation with academicians in universities to ensure technical depth/sustainability.

İNDES Engineering implements a human resources approach that is unique in the defence and aerospace sector. We strive to keep the motivation of our employees at the highest level. In addition to the regular domestic events, we also organise international events when necessary, with the aim of bringing together our employees. The goal of such distinct human resources policies is to ensure our access to qualified and sustainable human resources.

The İNDES Engineering team is comprised of experts with confidence in their abilities who can shoulder the responsibility of the job. Every employee takes part in all of the processes related to the project on which they are working. In this way, the employee gains experience in the most competent way, while the project can be completed to the desired quality, within the pre-defined budget and in the requested timeframe.

Sustainability is always among the highest priorities at İNDES Engineering. The experiences gained during the project implementation and product development phases are documented and recorded to create a corporate memory.