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İNDES Engineering starts all engineering processes after understanding the needs of the end user. It is in constant contact with its user during the analysis and design processes, and when the design freezes, the user maintains full control of the details. After this step, İNDES Engineering carries out prototype or serial production activities; completes the necessary assembly and integration; and delivers the products to the user once their testing processes are completed. Some tests are carried out not only in a laboratory environment, but in the field with the involvement of the user. The user sees, touches and uses the product; and if an additional feature is still required, İNDES Engineering carries out the necessary work to integrate it into the product. İNDES Engineering offers turnkey solutions to its users, and never adopts a “we have designed and produced the product, so our job is done” approach in any of the projects it undertakes. The company also provides logistic support for its products on site or in the field. When necessary, for the maintenance and repair of its products, İNDES Engineering team will even travel to forward base areas that may be very difficult to reach by car. During this process, based on the observations of its personnel in the field, İNDES Engineering looks at issues that can be improved and identifies the potential for new products that may be developed to meet customer requirements, and presents them as suggestions to its customers.

In the coming period, İNDES Engineering aims to expand its regional business partnerships to a higher level, especially in the field of maintenance and sustainment, so as to improve the experience of its users. In some regions, support for regional development will emerge as a secondary result of these studies.